Privacy Policy

We at KART N DEAL ensure vital customer information are treated and handled confidentially to safeguard their interest.

Being in the consumer industry, sometimes makes it essential for us to have some additional information of every customer to enhance our service.
For this, we gather information pertaining to your physical location / presence, personal details like Name ( First & Last Name), Age, Gender associated with a unique email id secured by a password of your choice.

A general customer can freely surf and go through our website to have a look at the items/commodities sold through the suppliers and place orders of their choice. But for them to enjoy our premium services like offers on special days, gather coupons to avail discounts on selected items to name a few. Such information helps us to offer a tailor made product to each customer logged in as a user in to our website.

By visiting our website by sharing such information, the user agrees to our policies pertaining to privacy.

KART N DEAL gives your a transparency to know what kind of information we use to make our service better for you. Such features include Shipping information, billing information, order history, payment history, Name & Last Name along with the an option for you to choose what name we want you to address as on our website. Apart from that, for banking transactions through the payment gateway, we collect their financial information like Bank Account Number, Credit /Debit Card Numbers, Passwords, CVV information etc. These are all essential to complete the transaction for order where “Cash on delivery” service is not available.

To enhance our service ,every information we gather is to give back our customers in a better way possible. These information are made available to share information pertaining to special offers, schemes and occasional sales to the customers. Such information are stored in cookies which helps us to retrieve them when need in order to serve you in a better way possible. Please me reminded that it only contains information pertaining to your choices made on our website in our search engine and doesn’t include specific personal information. They are certain cookies controlled by third party service providers who may gather information. We as an entity don’t have control over it and are not responsible for it.

They are shared with customers through emails, SMS or as pop-ups when they log in to our website. If they wish to not have such information affect them in a any way they can go ahead and opt to unsubscribe it. We respect their options and suggestions. We can still send out new letters if needed.

Our website is protected and served through a authenticated SSL certificate which ensure reliability and protection of information shared to third party vendors/agents/banks.
We have a separate department who is available 24/7 to assist every customer personally through emails, chats and also through whats app for any assistance needed.

On Emails you can reach us on /
On Whats App one can reach us on 00919326078780
These service are available 24/7, please do write to us, we will be happy to help you.