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Teraa Cichlid Carna is a food that has been specially formulated by experts for carnivorous cichlid and large fish. High quality natural protein and vitamins improve growth rate and increases color.

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SKU: Teraa Carna 3mm

Ingredients:Insect Protein, Wheat, Soya Meal, Maize, Gluten, Seaweed Meal, Antioxidants, Probiotics, Vitamins, Pro Vitamins, Trace Elements. Vitamins: A (3a672a) 32000 IU, C (3a300) 240 mg, D3 (3a671) 2400 IU; colourants: astaxantin (2a161j) 75 mg; trace elements: Fe (3b103) 38 mg, Mn (3b502) 50 mg, Zn (3b603) 48 mg; with antioxidants.

Analytical Constituents:Crude Protein (51.0%), Crude Fat (10.4%), Crude Fiber(3.3%), Crude Moisture(8.3%)

Pellet Size: 2,3,4

Size: 80gm

Feeding Recommendation:Feed as much as the fish can eat within ten minutes. Feed once or twice a day.

We have three pellet types for Cichlid Carna – Small (2mm ideal for 5-7cm fishes), Medium (3mm ideal for 7-13cm fishes), Large(4mm ideal for >13cm fishes). Please check the pellet pictures in details or ask your retailer as per your requirement.


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