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Trinal is made up of 3 types of stick food – Dandelion, Walnut and Stinging Nettle. Dandelion contains tanin and a bitter substance which improves antibacterial capability and support the immune systemWalnut have a strong antibacterial and fungicidal effect similar to almond tree leaves and support the immune system in its work.

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They contain tannins, enzymes, humic acids, fiber and chlorophyllsNettles contain valuable vitamins and minerals. With their high iron and calcium content and high levels of carotenoids and amino acids. Nettle sticks can support the invertebrate immune system and promote their health. The combination of 3 sticks improves immunity, coloration, aids in digestion of shrimps.

Ingredients:100% dried nettle, 100% dried dandellion,100% dried walnut

Size: 15gm

Pellet Size: Stick

Feeding Recommendation:Feed as much as the shrimps can eat within 1-2 hours. Feed once or twice a day.


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